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Sihayo Gold Project, Sumatra.

The Sihayo Pungkut Gold Project ("Sihayo Pungkut") is held under a 7th Generation Contract of Work ("CoW"). The CoW is the highest standing legal tenure achievable in the Indonesian mining industry.

The CoW describes in detail the rights and obligations of both the Company and the Government during the term of the CoW. Our CoW is currently in the Feasibility Study Phase the next phase is the Construction Phase and then followed by a 30 year Production Phase. At the end of the Production Phase the Company has the right to two by ten year extensions under the prevailing Indonesian Mining Law.

The CoW is held by PT Sorikmas Mining (Sorikmas) which is operated under Joint Venture Agreement between API - 75% and PT Aneka Tambang - 25% (ANTAM).

PT Antam Tbk. or commonly referred to as PT Antam is a mining company that is majority owned by the Government of Indonesia (65%) and public (35%). PT Antam was established on July 5, 1968. Antam activities include exploration, mining, processing and marketing of mineral resources The Company launched an Initial Public Offering by selling 35% of its shares to the public and listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1997. The fund raised from the IPO was used to support ferronickel project III expansion. Two years later, the Company listed its shares in Australia under foreign exempt entity status, which was upgraded in 2002 into ASX Listing, which had stronger provisions.