Our activities at Sihayo Gold can have significant economic, environmental and social impacts upon, and can bring benefit to, our stakeholders who include employees, communities, regulatory authorities and business partners.

In order to build a successful gold company and align with our core value to prevent harm, we believe that delivering sustainable outcomes will enable our stakeholders to support our business activities.

In order to achieve this we recognize the need for maintaining a high performance and motivated culture aimed at achieving a safe, productive and healthy work environment, and to conduct our business activities ethically and transparently.

This will be achieved through:

  • Providing visible, active and appropriate leadership that establishes direction, sets performance criteria and shares knowledge.
  • Implementation of team oriented organizational design with aligned systems, standards and procedures.
  • Engaging regularly, openly and honestly with stakeholders, listening carefully and considering their views and concerns . In addition, we will seek to identify activities or projects in which we can collaborate or partner with one or more stakeholders, where these undertakings align with our Vision and Values.
  • Building a learning organization that is capable of showing mutual respect and sharing information in a respectful manner in order to manage activities, relationships, risks and uncertainties associated with our business.
  • Acting as a responsible corporate citizen through developing capacity in our people, complying with all applicable laws, regulations and licenses, and implementing ethical business practices.
  • Regularly setting of objectives and targets, monitoring against these, and adjusting our performance to promote efficient use of resources, prevent or reduce waste and emissions, and facilitate continual improvement.

Our success will be visible in the actions and activities of directors, managers, supervisors, labourers and business partners who are all responsible for implementation of this policy.